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         "... through the eyes the heart is seen in the face ..."
-- Michelangelo Buoanarroti, 1533



Annual Meeting and Materials Lecture with David Lawton

Date: Sunday, February 21st
Time: 1-3:30pm
Platform: Zoom

TO REGISTER: Send an email to to get the link for the meeting. For current members only. To check on your member status email

Our 2020 Annual Meeting that usually takes place in November is rescheduled for February21st as a virtual event. We will hold elections and also give out door prizes! 

David Lawton has offered to extend his knowledge of materials to our members in a lecture, following up on his informative demo last month.

Materials Lecture!

photo of painting materials on a table including bottles of solvent and mediums, brushes, varnishes, and palette knives


Need to make sense of all the various materials offered to artists? Join David Lawton as he discusses when and why you use different ones. Understand once and for all why some colors in your painting look dull and others look shiny. What medium should you use and when? What does fat over lean really mean? This will be an in-depth presentation on all the important aspects need to consider when painting. David will answer any questions that you may have regarding artist materials.



Thank you David Lawton for a very enjoyable and informative demo!

This FREE demo offered an inside loook at David's process of working from photos.

David's Demo:

David's Materials List:


oil painting start of a young girl with blonde hair by David Lawton


David Lawton's materials list



The Maryland Society of Portrait Painters is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the development of portraiture. Membership is open to individuals and organizations interested in the art of portraiture or active in creating portraits in painting, drawing and sculpture.

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